By partnering with Regent’s Park, you will receive the benefits of working with a pioneer and leader in the development and management of cardiology services Our services range from financial and operational to marketing and entrepreneurial. Our partnership services are designed to help operate your private practice, cardiac department or cardiology care pathway more efficiently and strategically position your business for the future.

Here is a summary of the type of services we can offer our partners:

Supporting your operations

  • We review your operations to leveraging our economies of scale to help you lower costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Promoting Best Practices: We offer valuable benchmarking metrics and recommended practices to help streamline business office activities.
  • Improve technology: When you partner with RPHC, you can take advantage of the business intelligence tools we provide to improve operational efficiencies.
  • For example, we provide medical software solutions that improve operational efficiencies such as secure patient scheduling, billing, reporting and task management.
  • We have also developed proprietary electronic healthcare record systems specifically for patients undergoing both outpatient and cath lab procedures.

Strategic advice

  • We offer strategic consulting services when you are interested in expanding existing services or developing new service areas.
  • We position you for growth, helping you to compile business plans and execute strategies to build long-term sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We actively co-operate with you to explore new revenue opportunities for both NHS and private work.
  • We work with you to help respond and overcome reimbursement challenges from both NHS commissioners and Private Medical Insurance companies.
  • We work with organisations to improve quality; a systematic approach to monitoring both clinical & operational performance and evaluating the patient experience.
  • We are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide cardiology services and can, therefore, leverage our experiences to assist in risk management, quality control and compliance.

Financial Management

  • Managing Financials: We provide accounting expertise and financial management oversight to maximise financial reporting and analysis.
  • We produce monthly financial reports that can help you and your colleagues to assess your practice’s performance and address issues before they become problems.
  • Improve revenue collection: We institute and oversee processes to ensure timely invoice payment and reduce debtor days.

Access to capital

  • We can provide access to capital when this is required from financing an outpatient cardiology centre, developing a new cath lab or MRI scanner, through to funding the development and operation of a tertiary cardiac centre. Our normal transaction range is from £1m to £5m.

Marketing Services

  • In today’s challenging economic environment, a well-conceived marketing strategy is critical to the growth of cardiology practice. The options have probably never been more numerous or confusing.
  • As a leader in the development, management and operations of cardiology services, we like to stay at the forefront of healthcare marketing. We are always working with our cardiology partners and experts to test and try new services, products and programs in search of the best marketing tools that will help grow their private practices.
  • When you partner with RPHC, you get a highly experienced marketing team that helps your practice grow by offering direct-to-consumer, target referral and niche marketing opportunities. We can implement these opportunities through customised referral marketing programs, as well as traditional and web-based marketing plans.
  • We provide our partners with innovative website development programs and internet marketing strategies that help you build a website that offers general information about your practice and your centre, highlights your individual and group capabilities and delivers comprehensive educational information about your services and procedures. Research indicates that approximately 69 percent of online users access the Internet to gather healthcare information. A good website therefore not only attracts the attention of potential and current patients, it also attracts referring GPs and other hospital colleagues. Our experience has shown that cardiologist biographies on our websites are the most visited web pages.
  • So, no matter what your marketing needs may be, our marketing experts offer multiple opportunities for growth, from developing and executing a plan tailored for a specific disease area or just implementing one of our proven best strategies at your hospital or in your primary care setting.