NHS Private Patient Units

Cambridge Heart Clinic

We have been involved in the development and operation of cardiology NHS Private Patient Units since 2008 when we opened the Cambridge Heart Clinic – a joint venture with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust located at Addenbrooke’s hospital. The Cambridge Heart Clinic is the recipient of some national awards for healthcare innovation & entrepreneurship. For more information, please visit our website here: Cambridge Heart Clinic

Why choose a corporate partner?

The healthcare world is evolving in some ways that present challenges as well as opportunities. We predict there will be an increasing need for NHS cardiology departments to increase their private patient revenue streams. Teaming-up with a corporate partner like Regent’s Park will allow NHS departments take advantage of these evolving opportunities for two significant reasons

 Access and Expertise

  • Access to cardiology specific intellectual property and information systems allows NHS cardiology departments to benchmark private patient performance and know how their facility is performing in its clinical and business operations. An excellent corporate partner can make comparisons with other facilities and enable managers to act proactively to maintain the highest level of care, rather than merely reacting to developing trends.
  • Access to marketing & business development skill sets is greatly enhanced when a corporate partner with proper credentials, a cardiology-centric approach and strong ties to the clinical community is involved; and
  • Access to reliable managers with relevant track records is a significant advantage offered by a company like Regent’s Park. This concerns not only the development and growth of cardiology facilities but also funding – lenders increasingly want to see a seasoned, strong management team in place when considering specific funding requests for capitally intensive areas such as new cardiac catheter lab suites or hybrid operating theatres.

The other side of the equation is our expertise – in the cath lab and outpatient operations, supplying and managing staff, consumables procurement, negotiations with insurance companies, as well as managing relationships with the broader industry.

This expertise helps to craft favourable contracts for all parties, interact with private medical insurance companies from a position of knowledge and strength and helps to market services more efficiently to patients.

Please contact us for an informal discussion on ways in which we may be able to assist you.