Cardiologist Partnerships

We develop Cardiology Venture Partnerships to help grow individual and group Private Cardiology Practices by providing cardiologists with Services and Opportunities to help them achieve their Personal and Professional Goals.

We understand cardiology and can help you and your colleagues improve your work environment and protect your private patient income. Our experience and proven track record mean that you will be partnering with a high-quality organisation that will work hard and stand by your side to help protect your interests.

We have developed partnership models to work alongside cardiologists as their corporate partner and provide a series of Practice Management Services.

Key service areas we address include the following:

Supporting your operations

  • Help to structure partnerships and to group cardiologists into mutually beneficial alliances.
  • Pool negotiation and management resources, bringing economies of scale otherwise out of reach for individuals or smaller groups.
  • Managing financials: We provide accounting expertise and financial management oversight to maximise financial reporting and analysis.
  • We produce monthly financial reports that can help you and your colleagues to assess your practice’s performance and address issues before they become problems.
  • Improve revenue collection: We institute and oversee processes to ensure timely invoice payment and reduce debtor days.
  • We review your operations to leveraging our economies of scale to help you lower costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Promoting best practices: We offer valuable benchmarking metrics and recommended practices to help streamline business office activities.
  • Improve technology: When you partner with RPHC, you and your practice can take advantage of the business intelligence tools we provide to improve operational efficiencies.
  • For example, we provide medical software solutions that improve operational efficiencies such as secure patient scheduling, billing, reporting and task management.
  • We have also developed proprietary electronic healthcare record systems specifically for patients undergoing both outpatient and cath lab procedures.

Marketing Services

  • Market your practice: providing marketing professionals who implement proven programs that will drive patients and referrals to your practice.
  • Marketing locally: we provide traditional and web-based marketing strategies proven to raise patient and GP awareness of your practice to your customers.
  • Please see our marketing services page.

Private Medical Insurance Companies

  • In a time of increasing fee erosion, we work with insurance companies to ensure your practice is receiving the most competitive reimbursements possible.

Growth Opportunities

  • We offer strategic consulting services and business opportunities when you are interested in expanding services and growing your business.
  • We position your practice for growth, helping you to develop new services and select major equipment and consumables.
  • We actively co-operate with you to explore new business opportunities for both NHS and private work.

Empowering you

  • Cardiologist-centric: Our company is comprised of managers with in-depth clinical experience in every facet of cardiology. We are a cardiologist-centric company. We understand the challenges you face and can respond to these challenges with financial, operational and strategic resources.
  • Providing expertise: We present you with an unrivalled team of healthcare experts that can help you in every area of your practice development.
  • Share risk: In today’s challenging environment, we stand by your side as partners and help protect your interests and investment.
  • Benchmark with the best:  We lead the way in developing and sharing benchmark data that can help improve the quality and services your practice provides.
  • With your busy workloads, we aim to give you more control over operational schedules and improve the return on investment of your limited time.