About Us

Our Origins

Regent’s Park was founded by Dr. Ohri our Chief Executive in December 2002. He was frustrated by the long waiting times for NHS patients to access cardiac services and believed there were more innovative ways to deliver effective and efficient care to patients with heart disease. He embarked upon a career transition leaving his profession as a medical doctor to learn more about healthcare operations and business management.

He read an MBA at the London Business School where he specialised in finance and entrepreneurship. He focused his studies on understanding the economic interplay between operating expenditures and clinical pathways, analysed healthcare delivery systems from around the world and learnt the efficacy of different operating and financing approaches.

After his MBA he formed a strategic partnership with a US-based cardiac services company with a portfolio of 11 heart hospitals, 4500 staff, 23 fixed-site cardiology centres and the largest fleet of  cardiac catheterisation labs in the world. He became the Chief Executive of their European joint venture company. Whilst clear differences existed in how healthcare was funding between the US and UK, he was impressed with the US company’s operational ability to reduce costs at the same time as improve quality. He felt there were lessons to be learnt from this specialist, patient-focused approach and that an opening existed for a private sector organisation to use a similar model. But with no company using this disease-focused approach in the UK he decided there was an opportunity to set up an organisation of his own. Regent’s Park Heart Clinics was born.

Paying tribute to Dr. Ohri’s alma mater, Regent’s Park Heart Clinics takes its name from the London Business School that is located at Regent’s Park, London.

Our Approach

We recognise that cardiologists today are working in a turbulent economic, regulatory and clinical environment. The pressure to reduce the costs of delivering care while improving the quality of care is a constant challenge. The reimbursement pressures from both the NHS and private insurance markets have never been greater. Also, the growing demand for services, the growth of device implantations and percutaneous techniques, coupled with rising comorbidity, increasing complexity of procedures and the re-design of current service delivery is making the path ahead seem both complex and uncertain.

And while there is continued progress at the biological and technical level regarding device technology and new techniques; we feel there is also a requirement to focus on the way cardiology services are delivered and managed operationally. We believe the overall business solution lies in developing enduring partnerships with the key stakeholders of cardiology and viewing the complex medical, financial and operational management challenges as a whole. This demands innovation and creativity in any sphere of healthcare delivery, and is particularly true in the discipline of cardiology where treatment protocols are continually being developed, the technology environment is forever evolving and where investment in new service growth is capitally intensive.

Our approach at Regent’s Park to these challenges is not just about generating revenues and cost-efficiency. It is founded on the recognition that delivering high-quality health care requires a sound understanding of the relationships between operating expenditures and clinical pathways. We aim to understand these inter-relationships in our daily activities to control operating costs, reduce quality risks, improve patient care and offer value for money to our public and private payors.

This commitment is underpinned by our core values towards our staff, patients and customers – quality, affordability and integrity.

At Regent’s Park, we believe improvements in operating efficiency can be achieved by adopting a re-engineering approach to the delivery of cardiology services. It requires a disaggregation of healthcare processes from a mixed care environment into a specialist setting with concentrated expertise and a close focus on what’s essential to the patient. A system of working that decreases unitary costs while responding to the imperative of quality.  Our management approach reflects our deep-seated belief that more exceptional quality and efficiency can be achieved by focusing on six unshakeable fundamentals:

  • Specialisation in a disease area
  • Partnering with consultant specialists
  • Optimising clinical care programs
  • Operational and management excellence
  • Building and motivating professional teams
  • Patient-centered care and patient satisfaction

We provide a window into our approach to seeking out clinical solutions, healthcare re-engineering and strategic planning below:

Clinical solutions

At Regent’s Park, we believe attempts to improve healthcare performance are often incomplete and result in hard-won but ultimately unsustainable shifts in performance. We adopt a holistic perspective that recognises the importance of the interconnection of clinical business design with operations management in delivering fundamental, sustainable improvement.

Healthcare re-engineering

The challenges across our global healthcare systems demand innovation, and we believe success today requires a new mindset involving a patient-centric and not a product-centric focus; an expansive not a narrow view of opportunity; a dynamic not a static perspective on the future market environment. Regent’s Park calls this mindset the discipline of health care re-engineering – improving efficiency by implementing best practices, where support functions are industrialised to provide services faster, better and cheaper – ultimately, helping healthcare service organisations at the departmental level to improve quality at reduced unitary cost.

Strategic planning

Regent’s Park is of the opinion that strategic plan in healthcare services has become a sterile annual exercise that managers endure, and one where only a few are creating value through strategic managing – linking strategy and execution. We assist our healthcare partners in reliably crafting and implementing winning strategies by helping them follow identified best business practices and move from strategic planning to strategic managing.

Our Experience

We began developing joint ventures with the NHS to manage cardiology services in 2002 using a series of relocatable cardiac catheter laboratories.

Since then, our company has been singularly focused on providing cardiology services and building an integrated platform of service delivery across the UK serving both the NHS and private sectors.

Our services range from NHS cardiology centres, private patient cardiology units and working with primary care groups to meet their community cardiology needs.

We provide a range of bespoke solutions targeted to each hospitals needs whether they relate to increasing capacity, expansion into new cardiac service lines, or major investment in new cardiac catheter suites or imaging technology.

We have a successful track record of working with NHS hospitals across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

We are especially proud to have worked in enduring partnerships with NHS hospitals linked to some of the best universities in the world in Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the Harefield and Royal Brompton in London – one of the largest and most respected cardiac centres in Europe.

We are proven experts in the provision of Cardiology Private Patient Units in NHS hospitals. We started this new sub-division of our organisation in 2008 when we built and continue to operate to this day a fully integrated private patient cardiovascular centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, the centre is called the Cambridge Heart Clinic

We are a registered provider of privately insured cardiology services with all the major and minor private medical insurance companies across the UK.

We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission as a provider of cardiology services.

Our Organisation

Regent’s Park Heart Clinics (RPHC) is part of the Regent’s Park Healthcare group of companies.

RPHC has a sister company called Regent’s Park Cardiovascular Solutions which provides a range of world-class cardiovascular solutions to the healthcare services industry. These solutions range from the provision of cardiac cath labs, CT, MRI and hybrid operating theatres, through to project funding and management services. This unique focus and expertise allows our organisation to benefit from the sharing of specialist knowledge. Bringing together all of our solutions, we provide the infrastructure to design, build, finance and operate cardiology centres, cardiothoracic hospitals, as well as diagnostic and imaging centres for cardiovascular disease in both the traditional hospital setting as in the community alongside GP’s and commissioning groups.

Regent’s Park Healthcare is a consolidation of visionary healthcare companies focused on providing world class standards of healthcare. The healthcare group was established on the premise that there are opportunities for an experienced management team to develop a premier healthcare services group in a transitioning market environment.